My name ist Sebastian Pohl, i was born in 1984 and i finished my studies at the Universität Koblenz Landau, Campus Koblenz in 2011 with a degree in Computational Visualistics.

Core areas i studied have been in the fields of computer graphics, computer vision, rendering techniques and software engineering. My area of specialization were artificial intelligence and (physics-) simulation. During my time at the university i worked as a student assistant for the institute of computational visualistics in the working group lead by Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller and for the institute of computer science in the artificial intelligence research group lead be Prof. Dr. Ulrich Furbach. Later on i worked as a software engineer and web developer for the universities spin-off wizAi.

Today, i am working in many areas of computer science. From web design to programming in functional languages i have learned a lot during my studies and outside of the curriculum.

I started working as a 3d designer back in 2000. Beginning in the game- and modding-scene i kept gathering experience and more and more professional assignments. Since 2004 i am working mainly with 3D Studio Max. During my time at the university i lead several projects working with this software.

I do two dimensional graphics and design using Adobe Photoshop or Open-Source software like Inkscape or Gimp. I have extensive knowledge in working with either pixel based graphics or vector based images for different applications.

A substancial part of the education in the field of computational visualistics is programming in different programming languages and paradigms. This makes me very flexible when it comes to adapting to new languages or developement tools..

Based on the flexibility and openness of Open-Source systems i used linux systems during my time at the university. This lead to a lot of experience in the administrations and usage of different desktop and serversystems with the most common linux distributions.

As a very computer affine person i gathered a lot of knowledge in the field of hardware and computer peripherie. Building, upgrading and maintenance of computer systems and networks are easy tasks for me.

To summarize it: I have a lot of experience in a wide variety of fields to satisfy almost every customer request. If a task is not within my range i have a large network of contacts to refer customers to the right person.

If there are any open questions, just send me an e-mail to the adress found here.